Top Jobs that pay over 1 million ($1.000.000) (how to make one million dollars)

Jobs that pay over 1 million ($1.000.000) (how to make one million dollars)
Top Jobs that pay over 1 million ($1.000.000) (how to make one million dollars)

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How to make one million dollars ( usd 1.000.000)

1, Banker

Earnings (Make money): $ 400.000 – $ 1.300.000 for a year

How to Make money: counsel banking products, Assist customers, updating account details, advise corporations, processing transactions…


Earned Income: $ 1.203.006 a year (Verified by expert)
Jobs, how to make money: planning, Marketing, advertising

3, Pharmacist

how to make money : preparing medications, drug interactions, clinical pharmacy programs

4, ISA (Information Security Analysts)

Earned Income: $ 1.000.000- $ 1.360.000
How to make money: analyze alerts, bring together information, protect systems, perform test

5, attorney

Earned Income: $ 1.250.000
Jobs: prepare legal documents, counselors, Writing contracts, Giving accurate to executives , advise large corporate

6, accountants

Earned Income: $ 900.000 $ 1.500.600
Jobs: Compiling budget reports, preparing tax returns, analyzing accounting data, interpreting financial records, comply with laws, reconcile account balances, assess accuracy, NAV review,

7, Nursing

amount of money: $ 1.000.000
nursing care to patients, Set up plan, assessing their need, administers medications, promotes patient’s health, provides advice, record how their treatment,

8, real estate agents

Earned Income: $ 1.500.000-12.000.000
Jobs: helps clients purchase properties, marketing property, offers to sellers, interview clients, prepare paperwork, Answer phone calls, maximise the selling… help place their home, providing advice, collecting references, coordinate the staging, blocate new potential, promoting interests

9, Architectural Managers

Money: $ 1.100.000
Jobs: responsible for planning, coordinating projects, analyzing information requirements, Review Building Plans, oversee activities, development of new products, oversee projects, design processes, Develop secure, strategically implement, coordinate activities, building projects, bring architectural to life, ensure high quality, resolving any problems, compile reports, not interrupting, design proposals, typical training, leads project planning, engineering manager, supervises architects

10, Natural Sciences Managers

Money: $ 700.000- 1.200.000
Jobs: develop goals, providing technical assistance, employment projections, ommunicate project proposals, overseeing support staff, determine needs, Confer with scientists, Design experimentation procedures, lead machine learning, training requirements, activities in life sciences,

11, Promotions Managers (PR)

Earned Income: $ 900.000 -3.000.000
Jobs: directing policies, create interest, coordinate advertising programs, increase sales, strategically plans, produce collateral materials, entice consumers, increase sales of services, prepare promotional material, work with other members, determine the role, coordinate advertising policies, develop creative, leadership tasks, implements sales promotion, design advertising.

12, Benefits Managers

Money: $ 1.200.000 – $1.500.000
Jobs: maintains benefits programs, Recommends benefits programs, studying employee requirements, Oversee retirement, researching employee motives, coordinate compensation plans, analyze employee, responsible for developing,

13, Physicists

Money: $ 600.000 – $ 1.000.000
how to make money: measure subatomic, research phenomena, research structures, develops scientific theories, investigate gravity, devise hypotheses, evaluating techniques, develop theories, Physicists universe, develop ideas, explores the natural world, make objects behave.

14, Research Scientists

Money: $ 850.000 – $
Jobs: analysing information, involved in planning, conducting research experiments, formulate investigative protocols, create process, carry through experiments, Analysing results, Get expert advice, gather information, exploring physical world, present findings, study human behavior.

15, Entrepreneurs

Money: $ 500.000 – $
How to Make Money: planning the operations of a brand, Meeting vendors, create policies, evaluate performance, managers of enterprise, planning human resources, create an innovative, sets up a new business, responsibility for success, Make Marketing Plan, create services, research customers information , ideas suggestions, sell businesses.

16, Real Estate Agent (or Home Repair Service)

Amount of money: usd 300.000 – 1.300.000 ($)

How to Make: You need to be able to Marketing, This is an important skill. If you have little capital, you should apply to a company (work for 1 company, you can still make 1 million dollars)